A3 Small UV Flatbed Printer



1. led uv flatbed printer Can print white color,for there have white uv ink,but if you use eco solvent ink with flatbed printer,there are no white ink,so flatbed printer can't print white color(except when we use textile ink and print on textile,for there have white textile ink)

2. led uv flatbed printer can print on any materials directly without coating,no need pretreatment,but for flatbed printer,we need spray coating before printing for almost materials,or the image will be removed very easy by scratch

3. led uv flatbed printer can print out image with Embossed Effect,but flatbed printer can't.

4. After Printing,uv ink dry immediately,but flatbed printer can't

Specifications  Details
 Model Number    UV printer
 Ink Type      LED UV Ink
 Printer Head      EPSON R290 Printer Head,90*6=540 Nozzles
 Ink Color      C M Y K W W
 Print Size  165*30CM
 Print Thickness  0-50MM
 Advantage  Directly printing on all materials,no need coating,also print white as well
 Print Technology  Non-touch piezoelectric type inkjet printing
 Protection      Build with max height position,which will help us to control the height
 Up/Down      Adjust by knob,easy for operation and not easy to broken the printer head
 Print Speed

 A4 size Borderless Photo: As fast as 163 sec

 Print Weight   0-15KG
 Ink System  CISS System,Easy for refilling ink
 Tray  Metal Tray
 Working Condition    Temperature:20°C-30°C,Humidity  40%-70%
 Print Software    PhotoPrint,Acro RIP(Windows 2000,Windows XP,Win 7 System)
 Connection      USB2.0 Port
 Power Require  220V/110V
 Computer Sys     Windows XP,Windows 2000/2003/7
 Printer Weight  26kg(32kg with package)
 Printer Size  650*470*430mm(with package 720*540*485mm )